Advantages of Unlimited Web Hosting

At the moment it can be very difficult ascertaining a good hosting provider from another as the Internet is now full of biased reviews, rubbish testimonials and paid blog posts. With the advent of unlimited hosting packages, it has made the task even harder to find a reputable provider. More and more companies are offering unlimited hosting packages, but are they really unlimited? And are they reliable?

What is unlimited hosting?

When a company uses the term ‘unlimited hosting’ it generally means to convey unlimited data transfer, the ability to add multiple domain names and unlimited disk storage. In short they ‘offer’ the ability to host as many websites as one can think of at a reasonable price (typically less that $15 a month). But before you jump the gun and package such a package, it’s important to know a few things first.

With the invention of the internet we had to learn a whole new, but the word ‘unlimited’ sounds fairly straight forward, or so you would think. Internet speak for ‘unlimited’ is not really ‘unlimited’ as we know it to be in the real world. Unlimited hosting can’t actually be unlimited, computers do not have the ability to host unlimited data, and computer speeds can never be unlimited. It real terms it’s actually impossible to offer unlimited hosting, as hosting can never be unlimited. There is and will always be limitations to anything in this world.

But web hosting providers are in the business to make money and sometimes require outlandish statements to make sales. Unlimited hosting plans can offer more freedom than most common web hosting packages but they’re really not an all you can eat package. “You can eat as much as you want, well, not really, we have to make money”. “You can have unlimited web sites and disk storage as part of unlimited hosting package, but make sure you do over do it, because we’ll charge you for it”. Unlimited hosting customers are usually limited by provider constraints of disk storage or by the number of MySQL databases or by size of FTP uploads or by scam protection measures. It’s not ‘unlimited’.

But on the brighter side of unlimited web hosting packages, they do offer far more freedom at a generally better price than common packages provided by most internet providers. And some unlimited hosting providers do have an honorable reputation; companies such as Hostgator are providing a good service with raving real testimonials. Their servers remain reliable and stable, and their customer service is excellent. The company seems to be run by a good management team as this seems to be a good indicator of how steady and reliable the hosting provider is. Before you purchase any hosting package it’s recommended you talk to their customer service team as it will generally indicate whether the company is well managed or not. There seems to be parallels between good management practice and customer service. In any case, do your homework and research before you purchase any unlimited web hosting package as more likely than not, your research will help determine who are scammers and who are good providers!

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