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Shared Web Hosting Drawbacks

A shared web hosting is a web hosting appropriate for users with limited budget who can’t afford to own their own servers or to lease the server from the hosting service provider. Usually, a shared web hosting is low-priced because all the costs are divided between a large number of (…)

When I need a dedicated server?

In the case of a dedicated hosting service, the entire server is leased for the needs of just one account, without sharing it with anybody else. There is no precise answer to when you need a dedicated hosting service. Basically, with the available budget, anyone can have a dedicated hosting (…)

Why to choose Windows Hosting?

Presently, Windows hosting started to be more competitive with Linux with its enhanced capabilities and accessibility. Windows hosting became more popular with the launch of windows 2008 operating system equipped with innovative technologies and various advanced features in terms of security features or online payment check-out counter features. Main reasons (…)

Advantages and Benefits of Linux Hosting

A Linux based web host usually uses mostly open source Linux operating systems for their servers. Linux hosting is considered to have more benefits as it can run on numerous other free and open-source applications or scripts, making it highly flexible. Linux can accommodate far more applications and software than (…)

What to Look Out For in a Web Hosting Company

You might consider an easy task searching for a web hosting company, but in fact it is a little bit more complicated. Why is a popular choice for so many people a particular good web hosting company? What are the main features that make a certain web hosting company valuable (…)

Linux Or Window System

Windows and Linux (also known as UNIX) are currently the two of most popular platforms with their own followers and fans. Each of the two platforms presents their own individual advantages. Let’s summarize the advantages of these platforms. What to consider choosing a hosting platform? Reliability – several experts, including (…)

Are You Searching For Cheap Web Hosting?

Finally, you have decided to get a cheap web host and to design your own website where to share all your favorite things with family and friends. Today, with the current economical decline and the delay in the financial recovery across the world, there is a high demand for special (…)

What Are the Benefits of Learning ASP Hosting?

Well, basically, ASP means active server page, being recognized by servers as an asp. file that allows you to use ASP in coding purposes as well as scripting functions on the server. Below are some of the main advantages of ASP Hosting that led to the growing adoption of various (…)

Useful Tips for Reseller Hosting

What does a reseller hosting refers to? Actually, it refers to the reselling of a web hosting package acquired from a web hosting company. The reseller is attempting to sell it to a third party, aiming to make some profit with this transaction in form of commission or discounts. In (…)

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