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What is Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is in fact web hosting but differs because the hosting server provides different pages for multiple and unique websites, each containing a different Internet domain name, all from a single web server. Most web hosting providers support shared hosting. Shared hosting is a little more cost effective and (…)

Overview of Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server or a dedicated hosting server can be leased directly from a hosting company.  A dedicated server is usually leased by a commercial outfit or businesses who wish to retain total control over one server.  Server administration or maintenance is generally provided as an add on cost by (…)

The History of Web Hosting

Prior to 1991 web hosting as we know it did not in fact, exist. In fact prior to 1991 the internet did not exist. The internet as we know it today contains over 50 million websites, all of which are web hosted. Without these websites, what would one search for (…)

eCommerce Web Hosting Security

With the development and huge rise of the internet over the past 10 years we have seen the importance of ecommerce web hosting and its facilitation and security for ecommerce. Ecommerce raises exciting opportunities for the modern business but these do not come without risks. Customers require a high level (…)

Green Web Hosting – Care About Environment!

Green web hosting is an innovation brought about by companies who wish to promote environmentally friendly ideals. By holding these ideals they hope will bring about and attract new customers who wish to go green friendly. The purpose of green web hosting is to remove any negative impact that they (…)

Buying and Selling Domain Names

Domain names are the addresses of a webpage or website, the term is an identification label that defines a location of administrative autonomy or authority. In a computer or server network domain names are used as the ‘point of call’ and are known as such by consumers or general web (…)

Overview of Virtual Private Servers

VPS hosting or a virtual private server allows a customer to have an individual partition acting as a dedicated server amongst other partitions acting in the same way as one server would normally. Each partition has its own fully fledged operating system, bandwidth, and disk space. And one can also (…)

What are Database Servers?

A database server can be defined as a computer or computer program which supports and provides database services to other applications or computer programs. Database server software such as SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle are commonly known to provide database services to other computers or programs through a network based (…)

Overview of Web Hosting – 2009

Web hosting, domain names, content, website designs and online marketing, are the most important in every online business. If you are running your personal blog, or hobby site, and your point is not to make money, so you don’t have high expecting from you hosting provider. But if you already (…)

Choosing a Website Hosting Company

good hosting service

There are some circumstances in choosing a web hosting company. 1. Price: Each web hosting company has different prices, trying to be the cheaper on the market, and to provide the best services at the same time. Some companies offer free web hosting, but these services are not quality, to (…)

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