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Choosing the suitable web hosting provider with the proper web hosting service is a major decision to take when you are creating a website. There are certain areas of web hosting that you have to carefully analyze before selecting any web host. It is not as easy as it might seem to select the right web host.

There are several aspects to take in consideration to avoid any future regrets. It is important to thoroughly examine what each web host hast to offer and to be extremely cautious on certain aspects. For commercial web host pay attention to the followings:

Web Server Reliability

for your commercial use the reliability rate of the web hosting provider should be a top priority. Most up-time guarantees are widely promoted online, in the papers or in the yellow pages by the web host companies. Even if they guarantee a 99.5%, 99.6% or even a higher up-time rate, you will be able to exactly know it when you signup for it.
If something unpredicted happen, you are experiencing a longer down-time you are entitled to a fair compensation from the web hosting company, according to the length of the down-time that exceeds the acceptable rate stipulated in the contract.

Web Hosting Space

it refers to the space approved to build your website. Try to establish that your web hosting provider is not overselling the space on their server for higher profits, as such space overselling might cause repeated down-time of the shared server.

SSL security feature for the server

if your customers are given the possibility to pay for their purchases by credit card, SSL is an essential feature that you must have. It is important because it is the most advanced security feature of your web host.

Web Hosting Plan Price

the cost of the web hosting service should not be the most important aspect of your decision. There must be a motive why a web hosting is offered at a cheap price. You should look for something that is cheap but quality with proper available features for the customers.

Redundant data centers.

Particularly if we are talking about a smaller web host company, it is important for them to have their own data centers fully redundant regarding the power and connectivity potential.

Full internet solution

It would be in your best interest to get your full internet solution from the same provider as it will enable you to get an easy solution in terms of web design, web development, web updates or web host.  It would be also easier for your web host to spot any problem that has occurred more efficiently as in the case of various companies for your various internet solutions.

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