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Domain names are the addresses of a webpage or website, the term is an identification label that defines a location of administrative autonomy or authority. In a computer or server network domain names are used as the ‘point of call’ and are known as such by consumers or general web browsers. The most well known types of domain names end with a .com, .net, .edu, .org, or .gov end tags. With respect to .com, .net and .org domain names, they can be purchased for just a few dollars each year. People who buy a domain name can keep the domain name registered forever as long as they continue to pay renewal fees and avoid transferring or selling the domain name. The purchasing of domain names occurs in a first come, first served basis and has operated that way since the commercialization of the internet. Originally back in 1991 and the following years it did not cost anything to purchase and register a domain name. Savvy technologically minded people started snapping up domain names because they thought there’d be a future online real estate market. And they were right. Now thousands purchase domain names in the hope they will increase in price in the coming years either through natural appreciation or through ‘flipping’.

Buying domain names on internet

There are in fact two types of domain name speculation that occurs frequently on the internet. An internet speculator will purchase a domain name after completing some research on the internet. That research will generally indicate whether a domain name and its relevant niche are underdeveloped, and if it is and then marketed correctly, the research could suggest the domain could be resold for profit down the track. Many people are currently subscribing to this method with mixed results.

The second type of online speculation involves ‘cyber squatting’. This occurs where a person or persons register a trademarked term hoping to extract money from the person or business who owns the trademark. There are various means in which people who own the trademark can recover the domain name via the courts or other legal means.

It goes without saying if you would like to earn an income or make a profit through online domain and website speculation you would have to do it the legitimate way, as cyber squatting as they call it, is an unsustainable method of making money online and will more likely that not, find you on the end of a lawsuit of some kind at some point in the future. You’ll probably have to pay all the associated court fees as well. Flipping on the other hand, has become quite popular because it can be quite profitable. It must be said that proper research and study are required to make any business endeavor be profitable. The domain name registration flipping market is no different. Registration fees have to be paid in order to register a domain name and you’ll need to make those back and some in order to make a profit online. If you would like look into this further it’s suggested you read some domain name reading and business guides such as Brian Pubrat’s “Domain Cash Vault” or Edwin John’s “How I Sell My Domain Names”.

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