Why to choose Windows Hosting?

Presently, Windows hosting started to be more competitive with Linux with its enhanced capabilities and accessibility. Windows hosting became more popular with the launch of windows 2008 operating system equipped with innovative technologies and various advanced features in terms of security features or online payment check-out counter features.

Main reasons of Windows hosting increased popularity

  • Windows hosting platform is compatible with several other Microsoft products and benefits of a wide-ranging support;
  • Both Microsoft windows server 2003 and 2008 operating system are outstanding and powerful system solutions, which easily integrates end to end server management with higher security and flexibility to additional upgrade sustaining the amplified online business functions. It also has an increased feasibility with various environment facilitating further integrated solutions;
  • Another reason for the increased popularity of Windows hosting is its cost effectiveness. As Microsoft owns the propriety software license, it was possible to reduce the costs. Microsoft was not required to purchase the software from a third party – avoiding thus a high license cost – and therefore managed to cut back the cost of Windows 2003 and 2008. The lower price resulted in a higher competitiveness of Windows hosting today.
  • Another aspect that led to a higher popularity of Windows hosting was the Microsoft’s 2008 high supportability. For example, PHP, ASP and MySQL can be successfully run on Windows;
  • One of the main features of Windows hosting is ASP – active server pages – which is currently easier to work with, compared to PERL or CGI. ASP is a Microsoft Visual Basic client side language that is more suitable for any user, in particular for beginners;
  • Windows hosting is also the perfect solution for developers as it allows professional users to focus more on the business process, because technically it is not very complex and require less attention.
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