Choosing a Website Hosting Company

There are some circumstances in choosing a web hosting company.

1. Price: Each web hosting company has different prices, trying to be the cheaper on the market, and to provide the best services at the same time. Some companies offer free web hosting, but these services are not quality, to get a good service, you must pay a price for it. The problem with free hosting it’s, that offers a limited number of services such as hosting a just a few domains, limiting the bandwidth, limiting the storage, clients support are very slow (if any), slow servers and sometimes ads on sites hosted by them.

So, for an important web site, which should be online 24/7/365 we recommend to choose a paid hosting. It is best to compare several web hosting companies to find the features service for the lowest price.

2. Contracts: Most companies want you to use their services for a period of time, usually a year or two. This means that you must sign a contract for a year. Agreeing the contract you can benefit from a price discount. This is adverse if you are not satisfied with the offered services; you want to leave, but not receive money back.

Most companies have a promotion for one or two months: MoneyBackGuarantee, when you can test their services, and if you’re not satisfied, you will get the money back.

It is also important that the contract will not require to pay other amounts during the hosting time, for example: pay for registering, for add on domain, for annual services, etc.

3. Support: At one time, you’ll have problems with settings or you find some issues that you can’t solve. It’s inevitably that you contact your hosting provider for help. You can contact via email, or call. If you write an email, how many time takes to replay, or if you call how difficulty or easy it is to talk with the person who must give you the necessary information. It’s recommended to write an email or call before sign up to be sure the support work perfectly.

4. Disk space and bandwidth: Most companies offer unlimited transfer and storage. This is a very good thing but is not enough. Remember that the video, audio, pictures files need more storage space and more transfer than a simple html page.
The transfer is determined by the visitor numbers and the download from the site.

5. Downtime: Each company meets difficulties at a time, there are solve the problems quickly, but how quickly for your business. A downtime for a day leave your potential clients with a bad impression of your web site and of your business. Look for hosting company that provides their downtime statistics.

6. Email address: You will receive for each field one email address, many companies offers unlimited email addresses, be sure your company give you enough email addresses.
Must be clearly that you will have a lot a spam attacks. You will check if the company to decide to subscribe to have spam filter and it is free.

7. Extras: Most companies provide free service and add-on to create better competition: site builder, free themes, email forwarder, mailing list, blog and forum, one click installation software. Some companies offer free Yahoo, Google or other credits to promote your web site. When you decide on a hosting company you will check that you receive a free domain name, and additional coffee up programs for free to make your web design life easier.

8. Multiple Domains: For the moment the most companies allow you to host unlimited domains for the same price. Be sure this service it is for free, because if you need to add-on more domains it will cost a lot of money. Creating additional websites can help you to promote your main web site easier.

10. Upgrade/Downgrade Options: If for the beginning you need just a basic plan, for promote your website, and in the future your site will need a “bigger” hosting plan, be sure of the company allow you to change the contract for another hosting plan.

11. What do their clients say about their service: Before you choosing a web hosting provider search on the web and read what the clients or the people say about the web hosting company, read testimonials, read reviews, find statistics.

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