What are Database Servers?

A database server can be defined as a computer or computer program which supports and provides database services to other applications or computer programs. Database server software such as SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle are commonly known to provide database services to other computers or programs through a network based client server model. Database servers are critical informational hubs that commercial enterprises in these modern times are required to have and facilitate in order to run their businesses effectively. What does a business or company do in the event of a system crash where their database seems to have suffered a terminal death? Many database server recovery specialists do exist which help with the process of a recovery.

When does a database server crash?

There can be many reasons why database serves crash, some examples are due to events such as continues operation, system software faults, malicious software and server attacks, virus damage, and other forms of security breaches, and overheating; database servers can and will crash. It should be noted that software server crashes can be fixed with data recovery software and the corrupted database server can be repaired and restored using database server repair tools. In many cases the best way of fixing a database server is sending the hard drive and consulting a professional server recovery firm. Experienced in the practical means of recovering data doing this will be far easier that attempting to fix these issues in house. The recovery firm will most likely study the hardware in attempt to understand the cause of the crash and why it occurred– but in all eventualities, in most of these instances the cause is not often known. A corrupt hard drive will have to be fixed first in order to repair the database server and recover the data.

Database server recovery experts typically fix the hard drive and the most common problems are typically the following errors such as a read and or write head crash, spindle error issues, wear and tear problems and or an actuator arm malfunction. These issues are required to be fixed first in order to make the database server hard drive accessible for database recovery. The recovery experts have to create drive images in order to extract the most critical server data from the database server drives and will do this following the fixing of the issues mentioned above.

The method outlined above ensures and offers a completely secure and non-destructive recovery for the database server hard drive. The operations outlined above are typically carried out in special database recovery rooms which are located in controlled and sterile environments. They more or less can be compared to laboratory environments which are free of contaminants, such as dust particles, electrostatic discharges, humidity and excessive temperatures. These labs are generally professionally run and look to provide all the resources necessary in order to fix the database server. Their prices can be costly but in real terms, they provide good value as your firm’s data is typically invaluable.

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