Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is always the best option for a business. All the companies won’t be able to go for it due to many reasons. The decision on the type of hosting to go for has to be taken very carefully as it is one of the decisions that can mark the fate of your business. The responsibility level in case of a dedicated hosting is much more as compared to that of the other type of options.

There are a number of factors which are to be looked into before getting associated with a service provider and leasing out a dedicated server. Some of the most important aspects in the long list are discussed below.
Server hardware – the server is the most vital element in the case of dedicated hosting. The reliability and performance level of the hardware used for the server has a good role in the success of the business and so you have to take special care in checking the type of hardware used by the service provider. You can insist on the hardware produced by some of the most reliable companies in that field.

Network uptime and speed

Network connectivity – the factor of network connectivity has a lot do with the speed and performance of the dedicated server. So it is important to have a good research about the type of connection, name of the connection provider, etc. before signing up with a service provider.

Amount of Bandwidth

Allocation of bandwidth – one of the critical aspects in the field of web hosting and even in the internet is the allocation of bandwidth. There are companies which allocates specific bandwidth for each month. You should make a clear idea about the level of bandwidth that will be allocated to you from time to time and more over you should enquire about the requirements and criteria to get more bandwidth after sometime as your you will be expecting your company to expand its horizon with the passage of time.

Dedicated IP Service

IP option – you should know the number of IP addresses that you need for your business and you will be served with one as the basic requirement. Each of the e-commerce stores will require different IP numbers. Even though you don’t need an more of them, it will be a safer option to keep one or as an extra option. For every SSL certificate, you need to have different IP numbers.

Backup and Data Recovery

Back up and restoration of data – It of the most important aspects that is overlooked by the companies. The important data regarding your business should be saved and you must have an option to restore it in case it is lost by some sort of accidents.

Technical Support

Technical support – Even though most of the aspects in dedicated server is controlled by the client himself, you should have the option of contacting a support team round the clock, in case of any urgent need.
Reliability of the network and server uptime – the server uptime is very important as it can affect the service you can provide for the clients. The service providers may guarantee higher uptime, but you should investigate and make sure that they are having the network reliability to provide you that.

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