Differences Between a Dedicated Server & Shared Web Hosting

It might be hard and time consuming deciding to go for a dedicated or a shared server web host, particularly if you are a greenhorn in the web hosting area. It is recommended to conduct a certain level of research to get familiar with the strengths and drawbacks of each of them prior of selecting any of them. Below are just five of the most significant differences between a dedicated and a shared web hosting to help you decide.

Differences between shared and dedicated hosting

  1. The first main difference is that a dedicated server hosting involves a hardware situated in the web host’s data center and it is being used only by a single account holder. On the other hand, with a shared server the same hardware – the server – is being used maybe even by hundreds of other accounts.
  2. With shared server hosting, the web host has all the rights to shut down your site at any given time, if your site’s traffic sometimes exceeds the allocated bandwidth. This is how the web host ensures nobody is dominating the server at a given time. In the case of a dedicated server, your site’s traffic is not limited in any way, as you are the only user for the particular server.
  3. While shared web hosting service might be appropriate for small businesses, it is not quite recommended for growing businesses due to the imposed limitations regarding available bandwidth, disk space and security and so on.
  4. Having a dedicated web host, there is no need for you to worry about bandwidth or reliability. With shared web hosting a defined amount of bandwidth is allocated for you, without the possibility of getting additional bandwidth later on, if your online business expands in time. In the same time, there are higher chances of a server downtime because of the great number of online users sharing the same server with you. It is a very common thing to experience server over-utilization.
  5. Without any doubts, a dedicated hosting gives you numerous options and features to improve your website and to improve your business virtually anytime you want. Then again, with a shared web hosting you are required to share the existing features and options with a certain number of users sharing the same server, leaving you without the flexibility that is given by a dedicated server.
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