Drupal Hosting

We listed above the best hosting providers that allow to host on their servers the Drupal CMS. These companies are highly recommended not only for Drupal, but also for Joomla, WordPress, phpBB and other script hosting. They provide 24/7 professional customer support and are very reliable with 99.9% server up-time and several hosting features.

How to choose a good Drupal host?

Well almost each company allow to host PHP and MySQL and their servers. You need to know that Drupal can run on a linux server and use the PHP and MySQL programming languages. It’s this enough for drupal hosting? Not really, because most new users can’t set up a database or can’t configure an installation without a guide or something. All companies from the above list has a ‘secret weapon’. They has integrated in their control panel the powerful Fantastico script, that helps the end users to install their favorite script, like drupal in less then 1 minute, and this does not require any technical skills. Few clicks, and your drupal website is online. These are the basic features that a good drupal host should have. It is also important the bandwidth and the web space limitation. If your company says unlimited drupal hosting, that is very good, because you don’t need to worry about how much bandwidth or space are you using.

When you sign up to a company, take also in consideration that maybe over the time you would like to use not only a website, so if the hosting provider offers multiple domain hosting, it’s much better. You will be allowed to transfer as many domain you want to the same hosting account. Also don’t miss the chance to get your free domain name, if the company offer such feature.

Once you have developed your website you need to bring traffic to it. More traffic, more money. But how it is possible? For start you can use pay per click (PPC) advertising on different ad networks. Our top rated hosting companies offer FREE advertising credits, up to $100 for their new customers. You can use these credits after sing-up and can generate a massive traffic to your drupal website.

Drupal Themes, Modules and Support

Support is essential in web hosting, but not any kind of support. You need to get professional support and you should to get it when you need it. If you choose a top web hosting service to host your drupal based websites, you will get quality hosting support 24/7, to solve your problems quickly. You can also visit the official Drupal website and join the huge community to ask for help. On the official site you will be able to download add-ons, drupal themes (designs) so you can extend and customize the power of your website.

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