E-Commerce Hosting

All above listed hosting companies offer free shopping carts, and enables you ecommerce web hosting, but only HostGator is able to provide you VPS hosting or dedicated servers if your online store became popular and get tons of traffic. The other hosting providers has lower prices but when your shared account can’t handle your busy shopping site, you may have to look to a hosting provider which offer virtual or dedicated hosting. We highly recommend using HostGator for eCommerce stores and shopping websites.

What Is E-Commerce?

e-commerce is an online business type, that run on different types of php or asp system, with online transactions, and without direct contact between seller and buyer.

If you have a product, or you want to start a business selling something, the e-commerce is the solution for you. Making an e-commerce website, your store will be online 24/7, so this can make profit in your sleep. The biggest ecommerce website are: amazon.com, ildean.com, compusa.com and many more…

eCommerce Hosting

An eCommerce site is more than a simple company profile website. This type of websites, need a professional ecommerce webhosting, witch guarantee more uptime, a very high speed, and a very good SSL, security level to protect your store and your clients personal data.

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