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With the development and huge rise of the internet over the past 10 years we have seen the importance of ecommerce web hosting and its facilitation and security for ecommerce. Ecommerce raises exciting opportunities for the modern business but these do not come without risks. Customers require a high level of trust from the website in which they look to purchase from, and obtaining that trust is not easy. They have to be assured of security, more specifically, the encryption of their data, their legal names, drivers license numbers, credit card details, home address, and date of birth to just name all but a few. Hackers and online criminals are getting smarter at getting personal details that could wield financial windfalls; this raises the importance of online security mechanisms that protect the data of consumers and businesses alike. Ecommerce web hosting has to continually grow with this threat to keep the hackers at bay and to protect the sensitive data.

eCommerce Hosting

How do businesses protect the integrity of an online transaction? SSL or secure socket layer is the foundation in which business can do this. SSL provides a high level of confidence in potential purchaser’s eyes by encrypting the data and helps highlight the integrity of the website. An SSL certificate can be purchased either through an official vendor of SSL certificates or through sharing a SSL certificate through an eCommerce web hosting provider.

A dedicated server to host your eCommerce web hosting needs is far better alternative than sharing a server. It offers far more security as well as host of other benefits. With respect to security, since you’re not sharing the server with any other business or company, your business will not be affected by other errors or security issues that the other business hosted on the same server could potentially have. eCommerce web hosting generally does require a large amount of disk space, so having your hosting on a dedicated server will surely suffice. The only disadvantage with a dedicated server is the cost, it proves a little more expensive than sharing a server.

eCommerce Security

Security measures need to be implemented all the time in order to continually and fully protect the data of your business and customers. This involves security updates, patches, fixes and virus and malware protection additions and updates. This is important to ensure the safety and integrity of your client transactions. The business needs to have a continued focus on security to not only uphold the trust that your clients have for your website already but to also thwart and limit any increase in the amount of security attacks that your website receives. As the technology to protect increases, so does the ability and technology to attack. Ecommerce web hosting security must be taken seriously by business owners; otherwise, your customers and clients will not be faithful to your business and will avoid transacting on your website. Failing to protect the integrity of your website is a sure fire way to lose business and valued clients overnight.

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