What About Fantastico Hosting?

Fantastico Hosting is a top auto-installer for cPanel servers in the world. We are talking about a PHP web application service installer ideal for PHP script packages, being regularly added on to a control panel. It is highly valuable as it allows web hosting clients to set up numerous open source programs into their web hosting account.

It’s Fantastico easy to use?

Fantastico is simple to use, facilitating most open source applications on the web hosting accounts. Several main web hosting companies are currently offering Fantastico solutions, for which there is increased demand due to its simplicity and high flexibility. According to trustworthy source, currently there are well over ten thousands of servers with Fanatastico auto-install script services, with over one million clients around the world.

Fantastico scripts are usually carried out when a new website is designed, as such scripts generate tables in the database, set up needed software and change the necessary web server configuration. Fantastico is likely to be more and more popular due to its flexibility. Even if Fantastico is basically intended for open source software, it also offers various scripts for proprietary products.

There are several applications that work just fine with Fantastico hosting, including Blogs, Wikis, Shopping Cart software or web content management system. Currently, the services offered by Fantastico Hostings to their clients include:

  1. reliable server with a minimum of 99.9% server up-time that are managed by the appointed team ensuring increased security for their websites;
  2. technical experts available all time for assistance and to solve clients’ problems. Their technical staff is constantly taking part in support training programs to increase their ability of delivering a greater customer service and support;
  3. complimentary Fantastico auto-installer for their clients;
  4. numerous helpful features are available with Fantastico hosting plan, including free domain name, free Blog installation, free CMS installation, unlimited traffic, email accounts and web space, as well as unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited PHP and MySQL databases.

Here are just some of the major advantages of Fantastico hosting is now featuring to the numerous website hosting users:

  • Fantastico is a simple to use auto-installer, which doesn’t take more than a few second to be set up even for a total newbie in web hosting. It practically gets rid of the learning curve experienced by a new user;
  • It is a highly popular hosting today, because of its viable cost, that is just $20 per year;
  • It is one of the highly developed script installers of present day, due to its increased flexibility and excellent integration with numerous scripts spanned over various systems and applications.
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