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Main Features of

FatCow was founded in 1998 and has been providing web hosting service for more than 10 years. FatCow have grown with a small dedicated team, who believe that simplicity is essential. So they has designed FatCow to provide a simple and flexible hosting plan, affordable for everyone. As at other companies you will find a lot of hosting plans with confusing features and pricing, at FatCow you will get unlimited space, bandwidth, add-on domains, ecommerce tools, website builder, and much more, into one simple hosting package.

Complete Review – FatCow Web Hosting

FatCow offers a very simple but complex shared hosting plan. They make the web hosting service accessible for everyone, indifferent if you are a small / medium sized business or individual. With their unlimited hosting plan, you will be able to host unlimited domains and website on same account, will allow you to have unlimited space and file transfer. FatCow is ideal of small business, while the company offers lots of features for business websites: free business listing on YellowPages, free marketing credits on Google, Yahoo, Facebook ($100 FREE). FatCow enables to their customers to create online shopping websites with PayPal and Credit Card integration and secure the website with a shared SSL. Don’t forget about the one click installation tool, which will help you to install your favorite blog script or forum in few clicks. These are only few of the features that FatCow has.

What’s good about FatCow?

Affordable – FatCow has a single shared plan which can be purchased for $3.50 / month with a 12 months subscription.

Reliable – Websites hosted with FatCow are fast and are up 99.9% (this is guaranteed by the company). Servers are using the latest hardware technology and are connected to a high speed internet.

Unlimited Hosting – In the hosting package offered by FatCow space, bandwidth, addon domains and emails are unlimited. You don’t need to worry about running out of web space or data transfer.

Helpful Technical Support – Anytime, you need help with your account and websites, FatCow’s support team will help you, 24/7.

Video Tutorials – Are you a beginner in hosting and all the web stuff? Learn from FatCow’s well organized and categorized video tutorials.

Eco Friendly Hosting – FatCow’s servers are powered 100% by wind energy, this makes FatCow a GREEN company and Eco Friendly host.

User Friendly – vDeck 4 is the control panel used by FatCow, which is very popular and easy to use by any beginner or advanced internet user.

Guarantees – 99.9% uptime guarantee, 30 days money back guarantee and 24/7 online support guarantee makes FatCow a leading hosting provider.

What’s bad about FatCow?

No Upgrade Possibility – If you want to build a website for your small business, FatCow is the best choice for your needs. If your website gets more traffic and become popular, this will use more server resources (RAM and CPU) and you will have to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server. Well then you need to move to a new company, while FatCow offers only Shared hosting and does not offer upgrade possibility to virtual or dedicated server.

Is FatCow Recommended?

Absolutely yes! Our experience shows that FatCow is very good for business, while we have been hosting many websites with this company. Their servers are reliable and provide the maximum up-time. The servers are very fast and the database connections as well. We have been using FatCow hosting for Joomla, WordPress and simple HTML websites, and they have provided excellent quality and support.

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Customer Reviews

Daniel Green April 9, 2013

Customer for more than one and a half year, and still lovin it! Live chat support is very handful, I use it all the time. From my experience Fatcow is a good host.

When first I heard about Fatcow I thought it is a joke. The name itself is very funny but this company offers a very good hosting service. I choose Fatcow because of the site builder they advertised. I can tell this is a fantastic tool to work with. It is very easy to use, does not take too much time to create a professional website. There are ready made templates that can be used and you just upload the content and pictures.

These two years with Fatcow were smooth. Soon my account will expire and will definitely renew it. Contacted support couple of time, was asking for some help with my website building, and they helped me quickly. The control panel interface is very easy to use I learned to work with it in couple of minutes. It is the perfect web hosting for a newbie.

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