Flexibility of Dedicated Hosting

Is it true that you have more flexibility with dedicating hosting? Most readers will consider it true as one of the main benefits of a dedicated hosting is the higher flexibility given to users compared to other types of web hosting.

Advantages of dedicated servers

  1. It is generally accepted that a dedicated hosting is “the Rolls Royce of web hosting”, as it is substantially more flexible compared for example to a shared hosting. A dedicated hosting will offer you virtually countless advantages.
  2. In the case of dedicated hosting you can install any operating system that you want to improve your website or to eliminate any software or application no longer needed for your website. Even more, you are completely in charge with your hardware environment.
  3. With dedicated hosting you can customize many things, such as programming language, set of tools, scheduled tasks or running various scripts on your website. Any later adjustment or upgrade can be easily made with a few simple clicks, enabling the necessary features as you are the only user of the server. There is no need for asking permission from third parties as nobody else is sharing the same server with you.
  4. A virtual server is providing you opportunities to upgrade your applications as you can get additional features and options from the dedicated server hosting a lot cheaper and with increased security. As we are talking about a dedicated server and you are the only one running your website on it, it can be setup to provide the finest performance for your site.
  5. A dedicated server will also give you an increased flexibility over data backup and data restore as you can freely add in extra data storage for backup anytime is necessary. Usually an unmeasured managed backup is always available to quickly restore your data ensuring your business operation’s stability. With the existence of the unmetered managed backup you can rest assure that your website and server is fully protected.
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