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Have you ever wondered what free image hosting actually involves? And why should anyone want it? Surely if you’ve got a website, you can just stick an image on there for free anyway? If you’re in the dark or just plain skeptical about free image hosting, then this article will show you how and why you can make it work for you.

What is free image hosting?

With a free image hosting service, you upload your pictures to the image host’s server, rather than your website’s server. Anybody looking at your website will see the picture where it’s meant to be, but what they’re actually seeing is a composite – the text and other graphics are on your website’s server, the picture is on the image host’s.

Host your images online for free

The mechanics behind this are quite simple. Having selected your free image host, you upload your pictures to their site, in much the same way as you would upload files or documents to a blog or forum. For each image, you’re given a BB or HTML code, or a clickable thumbnail, for you to place on your website. This works like a window – anybody looking through it will see your image.

So why use it? The main reason is to save server space. Rather than overloading your blog or website with heavy duty files, you store them elsewhere. People can still see them as if they were actually in place, but they won’t put unnecessary strain on your bandwidth whilst doing so. It’s also a very useful service for people who don’t have a website, but who want to upload their images in forum posts or blog comments.

The second reason to use a free image host is that they allow you to do more with your pictures. You can create galleries and slideshows, annotate your photos, or alter their size.

Thirdly, many of these services are free – and who doesn’t want a useful service that they don’t have to pay for? Be aware, though, that the free services may place restrictions on the number or size of files that you upload. Some allow you to upload images of a certain size for free, but require payment for anything above that. If you have a lot of large image files that you want to host on somebody else’s server, you may need to consider paying for it.

As always, do some research and shop around to find the service that best meets your needs. A quick web search will show up more services than you could ever possibly need, such as TinyPic (, Image Shack ( and Free Image Hosting (

All in all, free image hosting is a serious option for both recreational and business web users. They’re a great way of organizing your photos, allowing you to share them with others and get your message across without sacrificing tons of server space.

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