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Green web hosting is an innovation brought about by companies who wish to promote environmentally friendly ideals. By holding these ideals they hope will bring about and attract new customers who wish to go green friendly. The purpose of green web hosting is to remove any negative impact that they may have on society and help promote environmentally friendly practices. The Internet or World Wide Web grows internationally each year from between 400% to 1000% and that alone requires a staggering amount of electricity and energy. Energy used to power the growing number of servers and computers worldwide. The electric bill required to run this computer networking infrastructure tops $2.7 billion in the United States and a whooping $7.2 billion world wide in total. With the development of such energy sucking resource requirements, green web hosting through green marketing has emerged.

Green Hosting for eco friendly business

But what are some of the methods in which companies can go green? The most common method involves ‘carbon offsetting’ which means neutralizing or canceling out any harmful impact on the environment, more specifically balancing out any carbon dioxide produced by the company in question . This can be done by purchasing carbon offset shares, with each share representing the facility to plant trees which in itself reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Another method that green web hosting companies have utilized is buying green tags, also known as Renewable Energy Certificates (or RECs). This involves the purchasing of the energy used to run these resources from renewable energy resources such as wind, hydro or solar (renewable energy resources).
Virtualization is now another common method that green web hosting companies are looking into. This involves partitioning up the server hardware which allows each customer their own virtual server; this reduces the heavy energy consumption required to run in a normal dedicated server.
In recent times new server technology has been introduced which helps the green web hosting companies use ‘green friendly servers’. These servers differ in that they sometimes hold multiple servers in the same box which allows shared use of the same power supply, thus reducing the power requirements of each server in general. Another method is ‘speed stepping’ which reduces the amount of energy and heat that a server usually requires in particular during peak usage periods. A more attentive approach has been used to house the Data Centers paying particular attention to the layout and air-conditioning functionality as a more specific approach can allow for massive energy consumption reductions and savings.

There are many other methods that green web hosting companies are currently utilizing to go green and to attract new customers such as creating an office which is paperless, installing solar panels which allows solar power, and windmill powered data centers. Some customers are even planting a new tree or plant for each new customer they receive. Green web hosting and other green commerce marketing methods are attracting an increasing amount of customers as more and more people become aware of the increasing need to go green and help the environment.

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