Green Web Hosting

You may ask why GreenGeeks get’s the #1st position on this top list. We have discovered GreenGeeks as a reliable hosting company, who cares about the environment and are dedicated to revolutionize the hosting industry, not only with the quality service and professional support, but also with the 300% wind powered energy source and eco friendly hosting servers, which are using less power.

Concern for nature, there is powerful rice in the popularity of green hosting. Many companies have take action in helping by reducing their energy consumption and recycling. The same innovation goes for the web hosting industry.

Let have a better idea about green web hosting. These types of hosting service use a nature friendly power resource for their activities. The hosting servers are using high power electricity and work 24 hours per day, and consume a lot of energy. Green web hosting companies applied the power generation process with renewable energy sources.

Not all hosting companies hold resources for renewable energy generation.  In this case, those companies can change the energy supplies by buy Renewable Energy Certificates. By making this choice they can get energy generated by solar panels, wind or biogas.

What does this thing means? It means that the hosting companies have started saving the planet by reducing the carbon emission. This new technology allow to those companies to have their own wind and solar power generators.

However, how much does green web hosting cost?  Well, this is a question that we all need to know about this service.  Green hosting cost more than other web hosting services but the idea of making something to serve the world community and saving the planet is more important than paying less than one or two dollars per month.
So choosing a green web hosting service is not only to have part in saving the nature, you also get a web hosting that your website and company needs.

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