Joomla Hosting

Joomla is a powerful content management system that enables to their users, to create websites and manage content very easy. You don’t need a special web hosting for joomla, but you need to know some basic things that your joomla host should offer. In above list we placed the best hosting companies which allows to host the Joomla CMS on their hosting servers.

How to choose the right Joomla Web Hosting?

When you choose a hosting company for your joomla based website, the first and important step is the Fantastico script. This is a powerful online application that help users to install their favorite scripts like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and many others, in less then 1 minute. Wit this powerful script you can install your joomla website very easy with only few clicks. Does not require technical knowledge or special skills. Like I said, it’ super easy to use and to have a website these days.

After the company pass the ‘Fantastico step’ you should take a look to the hosting features. If the company allow you to host unlimited websites, this means that you can create more websites on your same hosting account, without paying more. These best hosting companies now only offer multiple domains, but also free domain name on registration. An important key are the numbers of MySQL databases. Joomla use this technology to store the information and if you want to run more joomla website on your web hosting account, you will need more databases. For each joomla site need a separate database.

After your website is ready, you need to make it public and generate traffic. The best way to get traffic is to advertise it on other websites. You can use multiple ad networks for this purpose. Also check out if the hosting company offers free advertising credits to promote your website. If it does, than it’s pretty amazing! Isn’t it?

Joomla Extensions, Templates and Support

When you need assistance for your joomla website you can ask your hosting company. It is essential to deal with a company that provide professional support day and night, 24/7. For advanced joomla support you can join the official Joomla forum. Here you will be able to talk about your problem with joomla professionals, you can learn form other users and can improve your joomla skills. The standard Joomla CMS is a powerful application, but if you wan to extend and customize it for your needs, you can do it using different extensions that can be downloaded from the main Joomla website. A professional joomla template also can provide a better image of your website. There are available around the web so many free and commercial joomla templates to choose from.

You can enjoy the power of the Joomla CMS, only if you choose the right hosting. Choose the most suitable joomla host from our top hosting list and you will be not cheated.

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