Linux Or Window System

Windows and Linux (also known as UNIX) are currently the two of most popular platforms with their own followers and fans. Each of the two platforms presents their own individual advantages. Let’s summarize the advantages of these platforms.

What to consider choosing a hosting platform?

  1. Reliability – several experts, including developers stated that UNIX is much more reliable than Windows. Others, using the Windows NT4.0 declared that the Window’s reliability is very much similar to UNIX, more even according to the expertise of the non-professional users of Windows.
  2. Performance – after certain discussions, it can be stated that Windows and Linux are similarly good in supporting the quality of their hosting jobs and had a constantly good performance in their hosting performance.
  3. Cost – well, UNIX is much cheaper than Windows, as most UNIX software products are distributed under a free license, which is not the case of the Window products. UNIX hosting is more popular because most of the time it is free of charge or a lot cheaper than Windows, although they both offer basically the same performance and flexibility.
  4. Open source – one the main advantages of UNIX is that is open source based and thus it is very compatible to easily work with other operating systems. On the other hand, Windows is not open source based and therefore it’s not as flexible as UNIX.
  5. Accessibility and user-friendliness – currently there is not much of a difference between the two platforms as they are both user-friendly. Yet, if you are a web hosting expert, UNIX would be a perfect choice for you. For beginners, it doesn’t really matter which one they choose, as they both feature a user-friendly control panel along with a user interface over the website.
  6. Stability – even though the two platforms have their own fan base, due to the fact that UNIX are mainly servers, they are inclined to be more stable. At the same time, it is the ideal choice for those who need a secure environment delivering their tasks, regardless of the user’s skills.
  7. Linux work best for professional games – games creator for Linux work impeccably, plus certain Windows games can be enabled to work under Linux. One such example is Play-station 3 that comes with Linux already installed on the hard disk.
  8. Guidance and support – because of the large number of Windows users, it is common to find the needed guidance and support if you are experiencing some kind of problems with the Windows platform. Naturally, the turn-around time for solving any issues is faster for Windows than for Linux.

No matter whether you are a devoted Windows or Linux fan, you are worthy of all the admiration for your excellent work you’ve done working with Windows or Linux and discovering their advantages. It is a valuable knowledge and enables you to select a proper web hosting provider for you, as all the details are equally important.

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