Multiple Web Hosting Plans for 2011

Multiple web hosting plans are the in thing in today’s services industry. All companies, be it just companies giving domain name registration services, or companies providing hosting services, or companies making use of the services being provided by other companies, multiple web hosting plans make a lot of good sense.

For example, a company which is providing online software for retailers will have to be very careful with the data of its customers. Because whenever a transaction is made on the system of the retailer, it is updated on the server that the company is using for storing the data of the retailer. And the day end reports, monthly reports and also the annual report data, all this has to be saved safely on the server, because if the data is accidentaly lost then it becomes a huge issue for the end customer who is the retailer using the online software and also for the company which is providing the online software. Hence it makes very good sense for the software company to have multiple web hosting plans, so that even if there is a problem with one hosting service and the data is compromised or lost or is partially lost, then the software company will have the alternate web hosting company that it would employed to fall back upon for the safety of the customer data which is a bare necessity for any kind of online service provider.

Web Hosting Service Provider

A service provider would have no standing in the market if the customer data is lost or partially lost. So it is imperative that any company that is using web hosting services of other companies to service its own customers to have more than one web hosting plan to maintain its reputation.

Multiple web hosting plans also make sense for companies providing services of various verticals online. Say a company is reseller of products that are being sourced from all over the world. Such a company would have to have multiple web hosting plans sourced from various locations. This makes good business sense because the company would be involved in different verticals, like sourcing, packaging, forwarding, dealing with customs, handling the shipping, and most importantly handling the payments made by the customers and also the process of refunds. So here the company may employ different web hosting plans for different verticals. The payment and refund process may be entrusted to a web hosting company which has experience in that vertical, the web hosting plan to process the payments and refund process may be more expensive when compared to other web hosting plans. The company may take a web hosting plan which is not as expensive as the one used for financial vertical for display of the products it is selling, a different web hosting plan to handle the traffic of complaints of the consumers or various other jobs that the company will be involved in.

So multiple web hosting plans not only help in maintenance of good and efficient service but also are cost effective.

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