When I need a dedicated server?

In the case of a dedicated hosting service, the entire server is leased for the needs of just one account, without sharing it with anybody else. There is no precise answer to when you need a dedicated hosting service. Basically, with the available budget, anyone can have a dedicated hosting service.

Even if you don’t really need a dedicated hosting service, you can still get one as nobody will stop you from it.
However, here are some major factors that would determine you to get a dedicated hosting, if you are looking for the best for your site now and in the future.

When I need to go dedicated?

You should certainly get a dedicated hosting service, if the following cases apply to your situation:

  • You have a busy site with huge traffic and for a full control over the website’s traffic a dedicated hosting service would be the right choice. Thus, you could ensure a successful business with proper sales and profit!
  • You want professional looking and acting website that would draw more customers. A dedicated hosting service would be great, as no online customer wants to struggle with slow websites and they are unlikely to accept the inability of websites to offer them the needed and requested information. If they are not getting what they are looking for in an acceptable way they will simply turn to your competitors. In such case your sales will decrease and you will loose money!
  • You are expanding your website and you know that in the near future you will have to install additional hardware and software, including data space, memory or some kind of administrative tool. With a dedicated hosting service, you can adjust any hardware or software setting without any problems.
  • You need a web hosting service with increased security features as you are dealing with some private projects, including high technology solutions that might interest your competitors, or software license business. In such case, a dedicated hosting service is definitely a web host that you really need.
  • You are developing a high tech e-commerce website or you are creating a sophisticated business and simultaneously need to have full control of the server in order to fulfill the client’s requirements. Such cases demand a dedicated web hosting server.

The truth is that not everyone can afford a dedicated web hosting as it costs a lot. Nevertheless, a dedicated hosting service is one the most powerful web hosting solutions, highly popular for the offered exceptional features in terms of security, bandwidth and data transfer speed!

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