Overview of Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server or a dedicated hosting server can be leased directly from a hosting company.  A dedicated server is usually leased by a commercial outfit or businesses who wish to retain total control over one server.  Server administration or maintenance is generally provided as an add on cost by the web hosting company.  Dedicated servers are generally located at independent data centers that are powered by redundant power services.  Most commercial enterprises and businesses wish to have dedicated servers because they provide a larger return on investment and also less overhead costs.  Unlike collocation, the actual hardware of the server is owned by the hosting company or provider.  In many cases they will also help provide support for the applications and or operating system.

Dedicated Web Hosting

The operating system of a dedicated server largely depends on a number of factors such as price and all its associated costs, employee familiarity, and availability of the operating system.  Open source operating systems such as Linux are typically loaded onto the server at no cost.  Commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Server and the commercial version of Linux namely Red Hat Enterprise can be chosen as an option as the designated operating system for the desired dedicated server.

Operating system support on these dedicated servers generally depends on the management level offered with a specific dedicated server plan.  Support which may include the latest security updates or patches, fixes and operating system security and vulnerability resolutions.  Other updates to the core operating system on the dedicated server can include kernel upgrades, application and service packs, and important security patches which help maintain and secure the server from malware or a hacker attack.  This type of support often relieves the heavily reliance of server management for a dedicated server owner.

Dedicated server providers will often promote and utilize heavy security measures which are used to protect any data stored on the server network and operating system.  Typically server owners will utilize many methods to protect the data from spammers, hackers, trojans, crashers, worms and other various sorts of viruses.  Both Linux and Windows as operating systems use different types of software to protect their systems.

Web Hosting providers will generally charge a fixed monthly fee for the dedicated server which will more often than not, also include use of a software package.  Operating systems or software vendors soon realized that it was quite profitable to bundle their software with a dedicated server.  Hosting providers will also often offer the ability for businesses or commercial enterprises to choose which software package they would like as their operating system installed on their dedicated server.  This choice of operating system will largely depend on what requirements are needed.  Some examples include specific application and database requirements and their relevant performance parameters.  It should be noted that dedicated servers and relevant software packages can be tailored and customized to suit the requirements of the business or commercial enterprise.  And most companies or businesses do in fact require such customization.

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