Paid vs Free Web Hosting?

It makes no difference if you are preparing to sign up for a paid or free web hosting company, as the most important thing is to ensure that you are getting the most out of it. You have to face all the possible consequences if you made the wrong decision in choosing your web hosting provider.
Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and the decision very much depend on the requirements of the website. If we are talking about a website for mostly personal use a free web host provider should be suitable for you. On the other hand, for an online commercial or business website you will probably need something else.

Differences between a paid and a free web host company.

  1. A free web host will give you a domain to setup your website for free, but in exchange third parties will place banners, pop up windows and other online advertisements on your site, also for free. Your site is like a place where numerous advertisements are displayed. With a paid web hosting company, you will have to pay for each service and feature that you get from the hosting provider.
  2. A free web hosting provider will give you restricted access to your website to manage your incoming traffic. If the upper limit is reached, it is not possible to get additional data transfer or bandwidth from your free web hosting company. You will not experience such problem with a paid web host, as you are not limited in any way as far as you pay for the added features.
  3. There are also major differences between the qualities of the provided customer support of these companies. The customer support and services offered by free web hosting are simple or minimum and the questions or problems of the customers are usually handled with less efficiency. Again, a paid web hosting guarantees an outstanding customer support and offers several benefits, such as 24 hours online operator, toll free hot line, help-desk as well as a forum allowing customers to read and post testimonials and feedback. They have decided to develop their future business by efficiently improving the customer’s satisfaction.
  4. Another main difference between the two types of web hosting is that with a free web hosting provider the customers are offered just some basic features and just the software stipulated in the contract, without any additional features or options. On the other hand, paid web hosting offers such great features as MySQL, PHP, FTP access, shopping cart, FrontPage Plugin, Perl, cPanel or SSL as well as others, facilitating clients to properly and efficiently handle their online business.
  5. Finally, the security level offered by a free web host provider is insufficient and clients are often vulnerable to hackers. Instead, for a paid web host company, the security aspects are very important ensuring that they have the best level of security and that the data and the privacy of the clients are well guarded and secured.
  6. A paid web host company is always ensuring that adequate security measures have been taken to avoid any loss of the client. They are constantly offering more and better benefits to their clients, as they are the most important thing for any paid web hosting company.
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