Registering a Domain Name

In the last couple of year so many domains was registers, than now you can’t find a short domain name, that can be easy to remember like,, and so on. These domains was registered 10 or 15 years ago and now there are so expensive that can’t be bought only if you sale your house. There could cost millions of dollars. Maybe this is not a real value, but this is a fact.

The value of a domain name

Some times not only the domain name is the most valuable but the service is more. For example, take youtube or technorati or any other bit community website, that don’t have a valuable domain name, but it’s easy to remember and have a great service. But how would these domains value without their service? So not always the domain name it self is the most important.

Well,  if you have problem to find or choose a good domain name, there are many tools on the internet that can help you. These websites are called domain name generators, that could help you to find the perfect domain. How are working these website? Very simple, you need just to insert a keyword that you want to be included in the domain name, and the system can generate various domain names combining with other related keywords. And this is not all, these websites can also check for the domain availability and also give you the possibility to register the domain.

Develop a powerful website

After a time you find a great domain name, but this is only the first step. You need to develop a website, offer a unique content for visitors and search engines, have an attractive and simple design at the same time, and all these hosted by a reliable web hosting company. Each part is essential and a webmaster should take consideration of all these elements.

In our days to develop a website is very easy, using a CMS or blog or maybe a forum. There are very user friendly scripts that can be managed by everyone without so much programming knowledge. The difference between website and website is that many people say that, I’m a webmaster and I have a website, and not so many says, that I have a successful website. Well maybe you own the domain and someone else with a longer domain name have a greater business than yours. It is possible, because not only the domain name make your website successful.

In final, if you want to register a cool domain name, do not take advice on forums, because someone else can stole your idea and it would be bad to see how others are earning money using your domain name and your concept. Just thing about a cool domain name, that is easy to remember and have something to say to their users, and after you got it, develop a powerful website and combining there, certainly will have a successful business.

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