Best Reseller Hosting Providers (2017) – Start Your Own Hosting Business!

inmotion hosting review
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The process of hosting personal websites with a hosting plan is common.  With reseller hosting, the owner of the account has the ability to resell their allotted storage within their hosting plan to a third party.  The reseller will be able to purchase the web host’s services at the wholesale pricing (their normal account costs) and resell at a profit with a majority of the services available on the original hosting account.  This is having the ability to resell a portion of the storage and bandwidth to customers without the use of a rented server to process all of the background work.

Reseller hosting is often used by entrepreneurs to start a web hosting company on a small scale.  Reseller hosting service plans may provide tools that allow the reseller to create service plans that fit within their storage and bandwidth limitations and associate a pricing structure that their customers would use.  Branding capable control panels and name servers may also be possible to give a more customized feel to the entrepreneur’s reseller system for web hosting.

Reseller Hosting Service

A majority of the companies that would use the reseller hosting services for this purpose are web design firms, systems integrators or web developers. Hosting services offered through these companies may be at an additional cost or a bonus services for consumers of their normal services.  Of course entrepreneurs who are simply starting a webhosting company may only offer the webhosting service without any other forms of business on their end.
The reason why reseller hosting works is simple, as a reseller will not need to have extensive technical knowledge of webhosting to make the hosting possible.  The only responsibilities that the reseller must fulfill are dealing with the customers of their service.  Customer service is then forwarded to the hosting provider of the reseller which would essentially deal with any hardware or software problems and issues that deal with connectivity.  Everything else is handled through the data center operator which maintains all network infrastructures, hardware, security and updates for the associated servers on the reseller’s account.

Customers accounts that are created through reseller hosting are generally managed through a control panel that the reseller uses to build create the account.  The addition of a control panel which is useable by the customers to manage their new web hosting service is also necessary so that they can use the hosting and any available services with their domains.

A reseller hosting plan will generally have different service options that will allow for resellers to create more customer accounts with more hosting and bandwidth.  The plans will often use a tier system which will up the values of storage or bandwidth.  Some reseller hosting services offer unlimited plans at the highest end of the spectrum which provide resellers with the most benefits and possibilities of earning the most money from having an unlimited amount of customers charging the price that they want to provide their customers with a customized plan and service cost.

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