Search Engine Optimization for New Blogs

When your start a blog, one obvious goal is that you want to receive traffic. One way to do gain traffic is through search engines. Many people would say that search engines like Google are the best way to gain traffic. The problem is that dependent on what you blog is about, it can be hard to rank for that keyword. For example if you start a blog about “Blogging”, it would be very hard to show up on a search engine when someone searches “Blogging” because many other people have tried hard to rank for that keyword.

One technique for getting higher rankings on Search Engines is building links to your blog. Good links, with your selected keyword are great for your blog, because it helps Search Engines, find your website more often and index your site more often. Also, the keyword link is known to boost positioning in searches on search engines.

So, how do I gain links to my blog?

  • Blog Commenting – Comment on your friends blogs, don’t spam, just comment and leave your URL in the URL box.
  • Ask your friends – Ask your friends to give you a courtesy link back from their webpage.
  • Signatures – Do you go on many forums? Put a link in your forum signature, since it goes across all of your posts, its mass link building which is great for your website.
  • Directories – Submit your website to top directories on the internet, using selective keywords.
  • Social Bookmarking – Bookmark your new articles on top social bookmarking sites like and These sites will also help you build traffic to your blog.
  • Internal Linking – If you mention a keyword about your blog in an article, link the keyword to another article, which you discussed that topic. It helps getting visitors to stay online and search engines to index more pages.

Another technique is optimizing your articles. This means using keywords, html techniques and other ways to make your article appealing to Google. These ways cause the article to be found more often by certain keywords. There are many different ways to make your articles optimized for search engines.

  • Tags – Search Engines recognize header code and uses it for article titles, which recognizes it as an important section of the article, and keywords inside of headers, can help be found on search engines for that keyword.
  • Bold Keywords – Do you want to be found on search engines for a certain keyword? You probably do. Bolding the keywords in your articles helps search engines understand this is an important word to your article.
  • Highlighted Links – A different technique, but the purpose of which is to show the importance of the links.
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