Shared Web Hosting Drawbacks

A shared web hosting is a web hosting appropriate for users with limited budget who can’t afford to own their own servers or to lease the server from the hosting service provider.

Usually, a shared web hosting is low-priced because all the costs are divided between a large number of user sharing the same server for their websites.
It is obvious that a shared web hosting is a lot cheaper than a dedicated web hosting, but the price should not be the main criteria when you are looking for a proper web hosting service for your site. Although the shared web host services are currently one of the most commonly used hosting providers around the world, let’s not forget the numerous disadvantages of such web hosting services.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  1. Exposed to virus contamination – as you are sharing the same server with numerous other users, in case any of the shared websites gets contaminated with some virus, there is a great probability for your account to be affected as well. With this type of web hosting you have a low level of privacy and insufficient security control over the web host services.
  2. With shared web hosting you are not getting the same amount of bandwidth or data space as from any given dedicated web hosting company. Also keep in mind that because of the large number of users sharing the same server, it is very difficult to get additional disk space of bandwidth or even a new domain name later on.
  3. A shared web hosting provides you almost no flexibility for the users to add new features or additional software for your sites. It is almost impossible to add further applications in order to improve your website or to expand your online business. All such requests are subject to the particular web service policy.
  4. With a shared hosting company, users do not have the possibility to easily upgrade their current applications which is a great impediment in enhancing their online business. Users are restricted in upgrading their sites with newer security features, in installing further user-friendly tools, in adding more accessible features or any other advanced technology tools or features.
  5. Further more, with shared web hosting, sharing the same server with various other users involves other kinds of risk as well. If these users are not following properly the guidelines and procedures of the server operation, you can expect to have even more unpredicted server down-time with an impact on the numerous other users sharing the same server as you.
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