How to Start a Web Host Firm?

You’ve probably wondered how you can start a web hosting company. There are so many things to think about in the process. You can’t forget about one or two things because then you will fail, your overall goal being to succeed. So, how do you succeed with a web hosting company?

Important keys you should know before starting a hosting company

You’re Host – To start a hosting company you need somewhere to host your clients – The best way is to buy a Dedicated Server, because then you will have full control of your client’s websites which is always best. Other options include buying reseller hosting & Virtual Private Servers. With resellers, there is always a risk that your host could go down, and your clients would hold you liable and leave your reputation on the line. With VPS’s they are not as extendable as a Dedicated Server when you get many clients to your web host.

Control Panel – You want an easy system for your users to use. Although there are many free control systems for web hosting, most web hosts use cPanel/WHM, a solution that stands out from the rest. cPanel beat’s free solutions because many clients have used/heard of it in the best and trust it as a good control panel for them to use. With free panels, you get fewer features but also make yourself look cheap to your users.

Billing System – You’re going to want an extendable billing system, one that does support clients and billing the clients. Complete systems that will auto-create accounts and do everything for you. Blesta & WHMCS are well known solutions for this. With both of them, they auto create accounts, bill, and offer a major support system. WHMCS has a unique style known by many users, and will leave your users feeling comfortable.

Live Support – This is where you can go free. With free live support systems like LiveZilla you can get a free solution to helping your customers live.

Now you have everything set up, it’s time for you to get clients to your web hosting company. The first thing you should do is sign up on and get into the forums for a week or two. Learn about web hosting, and read up on getting clients. Then when you meet the requirement to makes a sales thread, make a thread using all of your hosting company’s details, including all of your plans and where they can order. WHT is a known source for many clients for hosting companies.
Now sign up and promote across as many forums as you can. Get reviews from every client you can and use those in your threads. What this does is bring you trust and bring you customers.

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