Useful Tips for Reseller Hosting

What does a reseller hosting refers to? Actually, it refers to the reselling of a web hosting package acquired from a web hosting company. The reseller is attempting to sell it to a third party, aiming to make some profit with this transaction in form of commission or discounts. In the followings are presented some general and efficient ways of how reselling can be done.

Tips to sell web hosting online

  1. You can earn commission from the web hosting companies by sending possible customers to their site. You earn the commission as the customers sign up for certain service(s) the web hosting company offers. It is the main reason why hosting companies are outsourcing their services, because reselling is the way to expand their business into areas they could not normally reach. This method also allowed them to cut back the costs of their marketing and promotion campaigns.
  2. A web host reseller can deal with several services, including shared hosting, dedicated or co-located hosting, merchant accounts or domain names reselling.
  3. If you are looking to become a reseller but without making any investment, you do not need much, just a PC with Internet connection. As a newbie in the web hosting reselling domain, it is recommended not to make any investment at first. You should increase your reselling activity with other services, such as reselling domain registration or domain names, when you are already familiar with all aspects of the reselling activity.
  4. In time, as you extend your reselling activity, you might get your own server, instead of renting it, as in time it is more profitable. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that with your own server, you will be in charge with all the maintenance, repair and up-time ensuring of the server at all time.
  5. The best part of a reseller activity is the fact that it does not require any upfront investment to start the business. No specific technical knowledge or special skills are required, but is it preferable to have relevant sales and/or marketing experience. The presence of technical skills might be also helpful in the reselling business.
  6. If you have no experience in the reselling business, you should look for plenty of advice and professional assistance. Search for reviews from the current customers of virtually any web hosting, as such opinions are essential. As a hosting reseller or web host provider it is important to hear the customer’s voice. In the early stages, experience several strategies to find those that work out for you. There is no sense to make any investment in the reseller business or in any other business, if you are not good at it.
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