Various Web Hosting Services

If you are planning to lunch a website on the internet, the first thing that you need is a domain name and a reliable web hosting service. There are many kinds of hosting solutions available on the internet for different websites. Depending on your needs, you may choose that one; witch is the most appropriate to you considering the price and the hosting features. In this industry, you need to take care from where you are buying the hosting service. It could be more difficulty to choose a hosting company that you may think, because most of the companies try to manipulate customers, to think that they are the most reliable, and they have the lowest price. It is not so in reality.

Different types of web hosting service

From the different types of hosting services, shared web hosting seems to be the most popular one. Shared servers host couple of hosting accounts, without worsens the security or the capacity of other accounts. It is suitable for those customers, who want to build a personal or a small business website.

Virtual Private Servers, the next hosting generation

The next level in the hosting industry is the VPS hosting. Virtual private servers is a kind o shared hosting, but taking it to a higher level. The servers also share multiple accounts, but not so many like on the shared hosting. The difference is that each account can be customized for client needs, installing custom script and setting up custom hardware configuration. The cost of a VPS account is certainly higher than a shared account, but much lower than the dedicated web hosting.

When a VPS is not enough for your websites, because it eating to much resource, than is time to move to a dedicated hosting. With a dedicated server you can enjoy the maximum server resources. Those websites need a dedicated hosting, witch are build on PHP, need an administration backed connection with MySQL and require higher level of security, where data require to be encrypted with SSL certificates. Dedicated servers hosting also provide dedicated IP addresses, some time multiple of them, and a very good support.
The managed web hosting service also aims to top quality online support. The performance of the servers and the features are the same like the dedicated hosting. Those who run ecommerce stores or other similar websites, that need high server resources and 24/7 dedicated support.

Other option of web hosting is the server co-location, when you want that the hardware to be located and a hosting company will host your server at a data center.

If you want to make good money from web hosting, than you start your own hosting company, or you can also buy a reseller web hosting package. With this type of hosting service, you are able to host as many websites you want but also can resell a part of the server to other customers, and generate revenues out of it.

In final, if you can’t afford a paid hosting, or if you are newbie in the world of the websites and hosting, than you can choose a free web hosting. There are some hosting companies that offer a free hosting service, but this type of hosting is not reliable at all. Some times servers force your website to display unwanted ads, you will get limited access to your free hosting account, low web space and much down time of the server. It is good to try out a free hosting, before you are moving to a paid one, but if you can afford a shared hosting, don’t waste your time with free service.

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