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There’s a tremendous amount of web hosting companies vying for consumers business and there seems to be on the customers end a large amount of choice when it comes to choosing a web host and a web hosting package. Consumers generally look at price, reliability and customer support of the web hosting provider before anything else in choosing a hosting company and package. The choice of the customer requires a lot of research and study in order to make the right decision. Web companies have pushed to greater marketing games and gimmicks to attract new customers as of way of increasing business. Web hosting companies have been forced to do this and the latest trend comes from a long line of marketing ploys developed to increase business. The latest involves a guarantee of 99.9% server uptime or the hosting company will compensate you for your loss. This on the surface seems to be highly appealing to web hosting customers, but what does it involve? And can it work?

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is a must have for a reliable hosting company

Companies who have developed the guarantee of 99.9% uptime say they will compensate you in the event that your hosting resources were in downtime for a period or periods of a each month. So in laymen’s terms, you will only pay for the periods in which your web hosting service was accessible and ‘up’ for the month in question. The problem with most of these guarantees is that the consumer has to ask for the compensation. It won’t be automatically transferred and noted when the occurrence of downtime occurred. The customer has to monitor the hosting of his or her own web service in order to make sure that he or she receives compensation in the event of a downtime period.

A better form of compensation as part of this guarantee offered by some web companies is to offer one months free hosting in the event of downtime. This is a better form of compensation clearly as it would in theory, directly compensate you for your potential losses. But looking more closely at this guarantee and a study of your income from your website may highlight the fact that this guarantee does not compensate in monetary terms the way it should. If the business or customer runs an income generating site and their hosting service is down 10% of the time, or 3 days of the month, the compensation would more likely than not, not properly compensate for the losses of sales that would have occurred in those 3 days if not for downtime.

With the advent of these gimmicks which in general terms provide no real value to the consumer I would suggest complete ambivalence to these packages. A successful business requires a service which is up 100% of the time and most customers or businesses don’t mind paying a little more money to acquire such as service. As seen in the last paragraph, it doesn’t take much for a business to lose money during a downtime period. Therefore the best way for customer to ascertain a web hosting provider’s reputation is to request from the web hosting provider its uptime/downtime history. Another method is to scan internet message boards or online forums looking for relevant feedback, reviews and testimonials of web hosting providers.

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