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When it comes to choosing a program to run your website/blog you should think of WordPress. WordPress is a CMS System for blogs. It’s a completely open-source system which means that anyone can use it, and use it for free. It also gives them the right to actually modify the script to meet your needs. I decided to try WordPress out to give you all a review, when I started to use WP I found the following great things.

Why to choose wordpress for my website?

  • Customizable – With a basic knowledge of CSS I could turn the website to look like anything, also the rest was basic HTML which made it very easy for me to change the style, to something that I would be proud of.
  • Widgets – It was very easy for me to add widgets, of latest posts/comments and advertisements to my sidebar, which gave me a chance to make the site a little bit more personal and I could add links to some of my favorite sites in the sidebar, which I thought really helped.
  • Ease of Posting – When I opened up my admin panel, for wordpress, there was a quick post option. For many people, they want to get straight to posting. WordPress made it easy for me to add a new post to my blog.
  • SEO – WordPress has a SEO based permalink structure pre loaded with no modifications that will allow to have Search Engine Friendly URL’s, which is great for helping Google and other search engines index your Web Pages.

The main reason I found with WordPress was that there was a plugin for everything for your blog. I looked through the easy install plugins, honestly you just search the internet in your panel and click install. Some of the best plugins that you would need for wordpress are:

  • Contact Form – Most of the plugins for a Contact Form use recaptcha which helps stop spammers, and keeps your e-mail inbox clean with only letters from people who actually want to contact you, and not random spammers.
  • Advertising – Many of the top advertising systems, have easy add-able plugins, systems like adsense have special systems that are dedicated just to their network on wordpress weblogs.
  • Next Of Kin – Are you addicting to blogging? Would you want your family to know what your e-mail passes were when you die? A plugin called next of kin would send this info to your family if you don’t log in for a few weeks.

These are only few reasons why wordpress is so great. Try wordpress hosting to reach the full power of your website.

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