Best WordPress Hosting Providers (2017) – Start Your Own Blog Today!

InMotion is a reliable, business class hosting, having lot of experience in CMS and blog hosting. If you want a fast performance and high secured hosting server for your wordpress sites, we recommend InMotion Hosting.

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is a free software, running on MySQL database. So a WP website don’t need a special hosting accout. You can run a wordpress blog on any shared web hosting.

It’s important to know if the hosting provider have any script for install WordPress from your control panel. After you install the website, you will need a design, we provide free wordpress themes for our clients.

Installing plugins from your admin panel, and setting them up, with wordpress you can make a powerfull website very easy just in a few minutes.

About WordPress

WordPress (WP) is a free blogging software, that is used for making websites. With a great script, Fantastico, WordPress can be installed very easy to your site. You can find Fantastico script in the cPanel (the control panel of a hosting account)

If you want a web hosting with cPanel and Fantastico script installer, where can install a WordPress blog for FREE, please choose one of thebest wordpress hosting companies.

WordPress Features

With WordPressev eryone can make a website just in a few minutes. With the WP Admin Panel you can easy write and post an article to your blog, you can add images into, youtube videos. You can choose categories and add metatags for every post, and open or close comments with just a few click.

You can change your blog style very easy, just get a free wordpress theme, upload it to your website, and set it to your default skin. You can add custom titels for every page, and optimize them for search engines.

With WordPress everyone can build a website with extended functions. Just download wordpress plugins, istall and set up to your website and you can have a professional wordpress website.

You can customize your website for personal, hobby, family website, or can run a blog about food, technology or you can make a business website, where can sell your product or your service, you can make everything you want with wordpress.

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